Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eheads' The Heads Set!

Musically inclined on December.

This December, I was able to attend two gigs. I did my catch-up on Charms class, a class on Hogwarts Philippines for music appreciation, and bought a Christmas gift for myself with the help of a friend, Eraserheads’ The Heads Set.

The box set includes rarities such as "Casa Fantastica", all local albums from UltraElectroMagneticPop! to Carbon Stereoxide, DVD documentary (directed by Marcus Adoro), a book and shirt designed by Cynthia Bauzon and Arnold Arre, who both collaborated with the band before.

After searching the internet about this, I found out that this was offered by Greenwich way back 2010 for P2,499 or an accumulated pizza order that will cost you around P3,600. And that’s the reason why I decided to buy this. It only cost me P879. It’s a steal for me!


Crazy Monday Gigs with Chicosci

It’s a one head banging Monday last November 26. Yeah! It is indeed on a Monday at 70s Bistro.

I think it was a week or two before this crazy Monday gig happened, 3 of my friends are flooding my timeline with their pictures together with the members of the band Chicosci and other is OPM artists who played at the after party of the said band. Because of this, I was encouraged to join them when they invited me to attend a gig at 70s Bistro. I was encouraged because Parokya ni Edgar will be there as well.

During this gig, it will be Chicosci, Typecast, and Parokya ni Edgar are the ones who will perform. Raimund Marasigan became an unexpected guest of Chicosci who played the drums when they sang Magasin.

Setting aside my fandom with PNE and the happenings on this gig, I am making this for my friend who asked me to write something about Chicosci on my blog that will serve as my Christmas gift for her.

To begin with, I am not a fan of this band but I think I am starting to be Basterd. I don’t know if it is true. My friend told me that Basterd is the term being used to refer to those who are fan of Chicosci. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I am starting to like them not just because of their music but because of their attitude towards their fans as well. To quote from an overheard conversation, “mas konti ang fans nila (comparing with the fans of PNE) pero solid.” They give time to have some small talks with their fans. They are very visible to the public after their set and there could be an instance that they will know you just like two of my friends (you may follow them at twitter @sheshebureshe and @rosereklamador).

Only one word is playing in my mind to describe this band. COOL! My friend She (@sheshebureshe) likes Calde. My friend met him during the after party of Chicosci and followed him on twitter. During the 70s Bistro gig, She introduced herself to Calde using her twitter name. Calde recognized her. Awesome! By the way, I had a good time when the whole band asked Calde to dance Gangnam Style and changed its lyrics from “Sexy Lady” to “Sexy Calde”.

Anyway, this first encounter with Chicosci was followed by another one. And it was on a crazy Monday gig again. I came from work before this gig and have to work again the next day. But the experience was so great and I guess the best way to end my 2012.

For reference:
Chicosci Twitter Account
Chicosci Facebook Fanpage

Sunday, December 16, 2012

TOASTed Blog on Blogs ng Pinoy

It was early this December of 2012 when I submitted an entry to Blogs ng Pinoy to get this blog listed on their great lists of Pinoy owned blogs.

And this first day of Christmas, yeah, the day Simbang Gabi starts, I received a comment from one of their admins saying that my blog has been listed. Ow great gift for Christmas!

To see what I am saying, you may visit Blogs ng Pinoy: TOASTed-Blog.

Or if you want to find other great writings of Pinoy blogger community don't hesitate to find their list of awesomeness, Blogs ng Pinoy. You may also vote your favorite Filipino owned listed blog at Blogs of Fame Voting Page. Please don't forget to vote for TOASTed-Blog on letter 'T'.

By the way, please also like our Facebook Page.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

QR Code for TOASTed Blog is here!

Okay. So I was browsing the net and thinking of a way to promote my blog by capturing their curiosity.


QR code came to my mind. Almost, if not all, smartphone could already scan a QR code. Applications are available everywhere. This QR code was generated with the help of Barcode-Generator.

Generate your own QR code for your on convenience.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magic Works! The Magic thought by JK Rowling

Hogwarts Philippines did another Magic Work entitled Christmas in November with the kids of Hospicio de San Jose. I guess this is one of the great things J.K. Rowling was able to convey from her Harry Potter books. Magic through Charity!

Though it is late, I would like to share with you the info graph made for this event courtesy of Prefect Abby of Slytherin.

Here’s a brief information about Hospicio de San Jose, it is a home for homeless babies, kids, adults, and elder people. Everyone in this institution do live a normal life, they go to school, they are fed, they are treated when wounded, just like how you are being treated in your own home. People who want to adopt may go here. Swear! All kids in here are cute.

For more info about Hospicio de San Jose, you may visit their website.

Okay, to share with you my experience in doing magic at Hospicio, I’ll give you the most detailed idea I could write of what happened as we do the magic.

We arrived at Hospicio before 9AM to start decorating the room (btw, you can see the invitation we had to gather volunteers for this reason). We put up a Christmas tree, set garlands on windows, wrap more gifts, set-up a play area, and warm ourselves up to prepare for those energetic kiddos.

Volunteers are either taking care of a baby or assisting those who are taking care of a baby either of those are tiring yet fun. We feed them, play with them, and of course, had a picture taking with them. The fun didn’t stop with those babies.

After those babies, we took care of kids. There were the ones who played in the play area we set-up. By the way, thank you to our generous sponsors. Without them, this won’t be made possible. These kids are sort of everything, they have this cute little drummer boy who cried after his sticks where grabbed by other kids, a reader who reads in the corner, a kid who does not accept gift, a kid who peeks under the skirt of the girl, and a lot more kids you could think of.

Since we were only given up to 12noon, we send them already to their rooms. It’s nap time! Nap time means lunch for us. It’s fun to see everyone looks tired with a smile on their faces. Fun… Fulfilling… Thankful… You could really have a bag of emotions after that.

For those who wants to join us as we celebrate our fandom through magic and other great wizard activities, you may visit our Facebook Page or join our Facebook Group or directly join at and get sorted.

Before I end this, I would like to share with you a video of another Magic made by wizards in Brazil.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Kanin Club, Affordable Food Destination in the Metro!

Okay. Since I dedicated this month as a “Catch-up Month”, I’ll be writing as frequently my real world job permits. I’ve got loads of stuff to share, from food, destination, events, and food again (sorry, food is where I am best at. Hehehe…)

Recently, I was asked by my college friends to eat somewhere in Makati. They suggested Kanin Club. At first I was skeptical. Kanin Club? Will they serve unli rice or meals with lots of rice? But we still ate there.

While looking at their menu, I realized that it was called Kanin Club since they serve several types of rice; they have the regular white rice, brown rice, and many more rice which I can no longer remember. We ordered Crispy Dinuguan and Seafood Kare-kare.

Crispy dinugaan is a regular dinugaan with a difference on the way they cooked the pork. It’s CRISPY!

Seafood Kare-kare is cooked like your most loved kare-kare. The only difference is that, it is filled with muscles, crabs, shrimp, and I don’t know what else are there. But it’s good. I was just overwhelmed with the Crispy Dinugaan and forgot that we still have another dish to finish.

Sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture for Seafood Kare-kare. Anyway, with regards to Crispy Dinuguan, it’s a thumbs up. You could raise all your thumbs if you have more than two for this food.

After my heavenly experience with Kanin Club, I keep on pestering my officemates to eat with me at Kanin Club since it is just across our office. And of course, I won.

This time we ordered 3 set of dishes, my favorite Crispy Dinuguan, Itsi-bitsy, and Kare-kare.

Itsi-bitsy is a dish with sigarilyas, string beans, pork, and sesame seeds, I’m not sure if there are other vegetables included.
Kare-kare was a regular kare-kare with beef and all those vegetables. But I must warn you, if you are not a fan of having lots of peanuts in Kare-kare, think twice in having this.

If you are thinking that it will cost you a lot, hell yeah! You can’t finish the whole dish yourself. You need companions. And with all those companions, the meal will cost you around 150 – 250 depending on what dish will you order.

For me, it’s a must visit restaurant.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Movie Previews for My PHP FACine Assignments Summary

Okay, this would just be a summary of the this I wrote for my assignment in Pinoy Harry Potter/ Hogwarts Philippines' FACine class.

Our assignments must be posted in Wordpress. But as you notice, I'm using blogger. Therefore, I have to create an account in wordpress.

The first assignment I did for the class was about "The last film you saw". For this assignment, I did a review for This Guys in Love with You Pare.

If you want to read my entire review for this film, please go here.

The next assignment was entitled "Hate Much?" This is a follow-up question in our introduction saying "a film that should cease existence from this planet". I actually don't hate the movie/s I indicated as my answer. But I'm begging the producer of this film to please stop producing one every year.

And by the way, I am referring to Shake, Rattle, & Roll Horror Film Series.

As what I've said to my to my entry, "when time come that the entire MMFF film entries are horror films, I would really blame the entire thing to Shake, Rattle, & Roll." For the whole review, your may refer here.

For the recent assignment I did, it was about "The Filipino in Me". The concept of this assignment is to write down 5 movies you wanted to see. Actually, the five movies I have in mind was Bata, Bata, Pa'no ka Ginawa, Magnifico, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Olivero, Ded na si Lolo, and Bwakaw. But because we cannot repeat a movie as an answer, I ended up having Ligo na U, Lapit na Me, instead of Bwakaw.

Actually, I enjoyed this assignment, I found 3 out of 5 links in youtube for the full length video of the films. To share them with you, here they are:


Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros
Please refer to the title of the movie for the link. I can't post the video properly.

Ligo na U, Lapit na Me
Please refer to the title of the movie for the link. I can't post the video properly. The quality of the video is quite poor.

And by the way, for those who are interested in joining our group, here are the links for your reference.
PHP Facebook Group Page
PHP Facebook Fan Page
PHP Website
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