Sunday, September 2, 2012

Accio Potted Potter!

Created by Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, this hilarious parody of all Harry Potter's 7 books was brought to Manila. The show run from August  28 - September 2 with sold out tickets at the RCBC's Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in Makati.

Credits to the uploader of this video.

I was able to  watched the 2:30 PM show scheduled last September 1 with a Potted. From the entrance, there's a table where program souvenirs could be purchased. And of course, I grabbed one. The souvenir program will cost you P250 if you buy one and P200 each if you buy two.

The souvenir program includes photos, inside information about the show, simple magic tricks that muggles could work on, puzzles, and more. Unfortunately, we weren't able to answer the puzzles while waiting for the show to start. Ball pens do not work in the texture of the souvenir program and we do not have marker in hand.>.<

Oh! By the way, I have this picture of Gary Trainor reading the last few pages of Deathly Hallows before the show started (dunno if he's really reading or just part of the skit. Anyway, here it is.)

So let's start. Please be warned. Spoilers alert.

During the first minute run of the show, you will already hear people laughing and cheering. That first minute is the presentation of the stage props. The "spooky" graveyard, the chamber of secrets, the Hogwarts, and my favorite of all, the forbidden forest with a creepy creature.^^

The first mention of the most awaited fire breathing dragon in Book 4 with those bulgy eyes were already mentioned before they started discussing the Book 1. And seriously, I waited for that dragon.T_T

There's a part where Jesse asked the audience to say "boo!" if we believe that Snape is bad. And there's this one brave guy who shouted Boo, and Jesse was something like, "Oh! You haven't read the book 7." Because Snape was proved to be an ally in Book 7 of the Harry Potter series.

Performers even tried to localized some terms especially the broomstick. When Jesse asked one of the audience who is to play as seeker in book 2, he ask if she has a "walis ting-ting". And everyone applaud for him trying to say  the word.

But the best part of all, I think I can say this in behalf of any other person in the Orchestra seat who experienced it, is the QUIDDITCH!!! If you think Quidditch could only be played by 7 members per team, Potted Potter's Quidditch is different. It was able to played by all the audience in the Orchestra seat. I was very happy to be sorted to Slytherin. And while Jesse was looking for Gryff's and Slyth's seeker, there's this epic thing happened. The seeker who is supposed to represent the Gryffindor is wearing a Slytherin robe, and the one to play for Slytherin was wearing Gryffindor's. Unfortunately, Gryffindor won because of the Slytherin's seeker turned Gryffindor's roller shoes.

After the Quidditch, as a reward/punishment for both the losing and the winning team, a water gun was fired to the audience. Lucky, I only had few droplets in me.^^

The laughter goes on and on. And their finale act was the Parody of I will survive which ended both Book 6 and Book 7.

And if you watched the same show performance with us, you might have come across Pinoy Harry Potter's Auror Extraordinaire in a full Snape costume.

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