Sunday, May 10, 2015

Surfin' Baler

If you thought you will visit Baler just to surf, then you're wrong. Over the weekend adventure in Baler starts from their zigzag road with 6-8hrs of travel time from Manila you may really start your adventure at 1AM of Saturday just like what we did. Enough of talking let's start the listing.

How to get there
There are buses available that will bring you to Baler. Just make sure to check their schedule and book a reservation for sure seats.
Bus Company
Contact Info
Genesis Bus
Joy Bus (02) 709-0803/ 421-1443
Est. Cost: Php 800-1400/head (roundtrip)

But my friend told me that there's an alternative cut-trip but I'm not familiar with the how to's of this option. He suggested this since travel time of this option is less than the public bus Try to check other blogs they might have written something about this option. I'll try to edit this post if I'll be able to retrieve the details he gave me.

However, if you are planning a trip with 10-12 pax, it is also good to consider renting a private van that will take you to Baler and will serve as your private transportation around town.

Est. Expense
P 4,500 Van rental
P 4,100
Gasoline (for 1 1/2 tank which is more than enough)
P 500 Toll Fees
P 900 Driver's meal (set at P150/meal)
Est. Cost: Php 10,000 (as a group)

Where to Stay
There are lots of choices for everyone, from a nipa hut priced at P500 per night and it is good for 2 person. But here's the list of my recommended accommodation:
Contact Info
Aliya Surf Camp & Resort
Bay's Inn 09089823509/
Bayler View Hotel 09273668735 / 09192863105
You may also visit the official website or Aurora Province and check their massive list of accommodations. For easy access to the beach, choose a resort along Sabang Beach.
Est. Cost: Php 500 up/head

Where to Eat
This may be the easiest thing to look for in Baler. There are lots of dining place along Sabang Beach, but these place are usually full during peak season and meal time. Another option would be the "kalinderias" in the public market. Food tastes fare and they're cheap. And yeah! I think finding a place to eat in Baler should be the least of your problem. Btw, don't forget to try Gerry Chan's Buffet for just 200/pax.

What to do In Baler
Of course, most if not all people who go to Baler wants to surf, and that's given.

Aside from surfing, you might also want to consider trekking to reach Baler's Ditumabo Falls.

Another good thing to try in Baler is to have a PhotoOp inside and outside a very big Balete tree.

There are lots of things to do in Baler aside from surfing so better book now while it's still summer.:)
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