Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grow Island: Max. UFO Level

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Grow Island: Max. All Level

After solving Grow Island and be able to see that all level are on its maximum, I came across several walk-through that regarding the UFO ending of Grow Island.

So here's my infographic solution.

Solutions as follows:
For picture: Top, left to right. Then, bottom, left to right.
For print, see below.
1 - Aeronautics, marine and automotive Engineering (Wheel)
2 - Civil Engineering (Pick)
3 - Architecture (Wood)
4 - Computer Science (Microchip)
5 - Electrical Engineering (Battery)
6 - Mechanical Engineering (Screw)
7 - Applied Chemistry (Burner)
8 - Environmental Engineering (Chimney)

Grow Island: Max All Levels

My brother asked me to help him solve this game in Y8 (Grow Island). At first I tried to solve it by myself, but can't have the Max all level outcome and decided to look for a walk-through (youtube).

There are lots of walk-through that will help you. But since I wanted to share the solution on my own way, here it is, an infographic walk-through.

Solutions as follows:
For picture: Top, left to right. Then bottom, left to right
For print, see below.
1 - Mechanical Engineering (Screw)
2 - Civil Engineering (Pick)
3 - Architecture (Wood)
4 - Aeronautics, marine, automotive Engineering (Wheel)
5 - Environmental Engineering (Chimney)
6 - Electrical Engineering (Battery)
7 - Computer Science (Microchip)
8 - Applied Chemistry (Burner)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Election: Vote not Bet

On 13 May 2013, it is your time to exercise your most powerful right once again.

There will be no harm if you choose to take some minutes to sit down, mark your votes, have them scanned, and have your pointing finger's nail inked. If you choose not to, it may harm you for the next 3 years or worst, for the rest of your life.

Here are some useful links and tools you may use.

Precinct Finder: This will help you know your polling center and precinct so that you will no longer need to join those people crowding over the list of precinct and look for their name. It will also show your voting/ registration status as well as the availability of your Voter's ID.

Ballot Template: It's easy as 1-2-3. After knowing your precinct, you may now view the sample ballot you will be using on the actual election. Select your Region > Province > Town. This will show all candidates for a given criteria. If you are a curious person, you may also use this to view the sample ballot of other town.

List of Candidates: I don't find it quite useful after viewing the Ballot Template. But how did I find it useful? I was able to view candidates who are possible to be part of "political dynasty" in this year's election. Isn't it nice?

For more updates, news, and other 2013 election related concern, you may visit the COMELEC's website at
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