Friday, December 31, 2010

The 36th Metro Manila Film Festival

Every year during Christmas break, Metro Manila Film Festival showcase an all-Filipino Films, where, no Foreign Films are allowed to be screened on Philippine theaters during a certain time. And they are already at its 36th year.

Gabi ng Parangal or the Awards Night was held last last December 26, 2010.

Official Entries and their awards gathered:

Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)
by Wenn V. Deramas (Star Cinema)
  • Best Picture
  • Best Actress: Ai-Ai delas Alas
  • Best Supporting Actress: Eugene Domingo
  • Best Child Performer: Xyriel Manabat
  • Best Director
  • Gender Sensitivity Award
  • Best Original Story
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Musical Score

by Dondon Santos (CineMedia and Star Cinema)

Father Jejemon
by Frank Grey Jr. (RVQ Prodictions Inc.)
  • Best Actor: Dolphy

by Albert Martinez (Cinemabuhay and Studio5)
  • 2nd Best Picture
  • Best Supporting Actor: Dolphy
  • Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Production Design
  • 2010 MMFF Best Float

RPG: Metanoia
by Luis C. Suarez (AmbientMedia and Star Cinema)
  • 3rd Best Picture
  • Quezon City's Special Citation for Gender Sensitivity Movie
  • Best Sound Recording: Ambient Media
  • Best Original Theme Song

Shake Rattle and Roll 12
by Zoren Legaspi, Jerrold Tarog & Topel Lee (Regal Entertainment Inc. & Regal Multimedia Inc.)
  • 3rd Best Picture
  • Quezon City's Special Citation for Gender Sensitivity Movie
  • Best Sound Recording: Ambient Media
  • Best Original Theme Song

Si Agimat At Si Enteng Kabisote
by Tony Y. Reyes & Rico Guitierrez (GMA Films, APT Entertainment, OctoArts Films, M-Zet TV Productions & Imus Productions)
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Make-up

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe
by Michael Tuviera (Regal Entertainment Inc., GMA Films & Regal Multimedia Inc.)
  • Best Sound Recording: Ditoy Aguila

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I've Got Cartoon Friends In Facebook

My PC was broken on the last week of November and was fixed on the first day of December, I got confused. Is it true? I've got lots of cartoon friends. Name one and he or she might be one of them, from those famous characters of my generation which still lingers its popularity in today's generation to those characters which is most likely forgotten as time pass by are present.

After learning why, I changed mine as well. A Facebook Page was made to make raise awareness about the Worldwide Violence Against Children and Child Abuse, the name of the page creator is still unknown.

Links of those foundations which supports the fight against Child Abuse were also provided. For potential donors who wants to help abused children in the Philippines, you may visit Bantay Bata for your donations.

There is also a video which is currently spread and linked my Facebook members to get the attention as well and to get you out of confusion why Mickey Mouse is already your Facebook friend.

And today, December 6 which is said to have no human face on Facebook but just an invasion of memories, even though not 100% of Facebook account owners were able to change their profile picture with their favorite cartoon character, at least those characters are dominating. Maybe that person behind this movement were not just able to spread the awareness of Child Abuse, but he/she was also been able to spread joy with those who have changed their pictures.

Bringing those old cartoon characters to life makes you think how happy it is to be a child. And for us who were lucky enough to enjoy our childhood very well will be able to think that there are still children of people in this world who suffers from painful memories of their childhood and makes us think that when we became future parents, let's give our sons and daughters a happy childhood with the help of those cartoons created by lots of talented people.

Star City is now on the Web

Star City is theme park within the CCP Complex in Pasay. It is the most accessible theme park in the metro for all ages.

If I am not mistaken, it is during the later month of 2010 when Star City was already been able to establish their own website. Good thing, customer's like me won't be able to have a hard time searching the net for their updates.

For those who do not know their website, here's the link: Star City

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Showtime Dec.3 Episode

A group from Laoag City gave me a goose bumps. They're group is so grand that even Showtime's guest co-host Nikki Gil that the performance they made could be leveled for a Grand Finals performance piece.

This will be my first blog for this site. I am thinking of what will be exactly the first thing I will write and PHOOFFF!!! Here they are, telling me to share to the entire cyberspace about their talent.

For those who wants to see their performance, here it is

(credits to the original uploader)
I'll try to have a copy of their weekly performance.

Didn't I mention it? Laoag is a city in Ilocos Norte which happened to be part of the Philippines. And people from this archipelago are named Filipino. By the way, I'm a Filipino.^^
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