Sunday, January 27, 2013

High school student's Learning out of the board and beyond

So, I saw the link posted by my former teacher in high school (though he's already representing another school) about an article from Philippine Star, Quezon students win Bangkok competition.

This contest sponsored by UNESCO Bangkok and asked the following questions, "what is learning of good quality?", "What kind of skills will be needed for the future?" and "What should young people be learning and how should they be learning it? " which could be answered in the form of an essay or a video presentation. The latter was the mode chose by the students of Lopez National Comprehensive High School that made them win the prizes at stake.

And here is the video that may take the education of our country to the next level.

For the behind the scene photos, here is the link provided by their team leader, Sir Reynald Cacho, BLBL Team's Photos.

UNESCO Bangkok

Special thanks to Sir Cacho for providing me the details and sources I need.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Chicosci Christmas Party

Ok… I have mentioned before that I am a no fan of Chicosci. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy watching them.^^

I forgot how I learned about this gig but one thing’s for sure, I knew about this gig from my friends who invited me as well to watch a gig of Parokya ni Edgar.

I was happy to see this kid whom I refer as “Little Chito”. They will be one of the front acts for Chicosci (though not one of those who major front act bands). Honestly, I really can’t understand what they say but I am having fun watching them.

I'm not really sure if their band's name is First Thing First.

After the kids, it’s time for the major band front acts (is that how they really call it?). But before this whole thing started, one of my friends who is with me keep on reminding me to take pictures of this weird fandom of her. That was the moment I realized that I have also a weird pictures to take, the drinks or anything a band uses while they are on set. The idea started after watching two gigs of Typecast. They drink in a pitcher!!!:)

Here are the photos I had for those five bands sung for Chicosci. Pardon me for other band members were not able to make it inside the frame. I’m just taking photos from my seat.:P

Enough with other bands. The real reason why I am writing another entry about Chicosci was to because I won a raffle. The lucky number was #035921. I got a blue Nike shirt. It is quite large for me since its size is large and a men’s shirt. On the brighter note, it’s a slim fit for a large man. But I can manage it.

By the way, my friend also won the raffle. Her lucky number was #035923. She got a size 9 Nike shoes (sorry, I haven’t seen the details). If you are interested to buy the shoes, contact me. Hahaha... Just kidding!

Sorry for the misspelled surname of Miggy.>.<

If you will notice, instead of putting the faces of Chicosci inside the adjacent frames, I placed the shoes they are wearing during the gig (sorry if I tagged the wrong pair of shoes to a band member). This was the assignment my friend gave me. I think this is already included in her bucket list for the rest of her Chicosci fandom days, to capture every pair of shoes the band members wore.

Another great thing happened in this gig was that Yael Yuzon of Spongecola was there!

Lastly, I want to say my thank you to the whole Chicosci band and greet you a Happy New Year.

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