Tuesday, October 18, 2011

River Test Trilogy (Original, Jealous Husbands, Getting Rich)

I was shocked during the last update of my River Test application on my Blackberry phone. When I opened the application, it already consists of 3 puzzle and I enjoyed it since I no longer have to download a separate application for other River Test series.

RIVER TEST ORIGINAL (Getting a Family)

1. Bring the Police and the Prison to Island2.
2. Bring the Police back to Island1.
3. With the Police, bring the Boy1 to Island2.
4. Take the Prison with the Police to Island1.
5. Take the Boy1 in Island2 with the Father.
6. Bring the Father back to Island1.
7. Take both Mother and Father to Island2.
8. Take the Mother back to Island1.
9. Bring the Police and the Prison to Island2.
10. Let the Father bring the boat to Island1.
11. Take the Mother with the Father to Island2.
12. Take the Mother to Island1.
13. Let the Mother bring the Daughter1 to Island2.
14. Bring the Prison with the Police to Island1.
15. Let the Police take the Daughter2 to Island2.
16. Bring the Police back to Island1.
17. Lastly, bring the Prison with the Police to Island2.


Since, I've already posted a tutorial for this, I'll just paste the link here, River Test 2 Solution.


1. Let Brown take the 3K nuggets to Island2.
2. Bring Brown back to Island1.
3. Let Smith take the 5K nuggets to Island2.
4. Bring Smith back to Island1.
5. Bring Jones and Brown to Island2.
6. Let Jones take the 5K nuggets to Island1.
7. Bring Smith with the 8K nuggets to Island2.
8. Let Brown take the 3K nuggets back to Island1.
9. Let Jones and Brown ride the boat to Island2.
10. Let Smith bring the boat back to Island1.
11. Let Smith take the 5K nuggets to Island2.
12. Let Brown take the boat back to Island1.
13. Bring Brown with the 3K nuggets to Island2.

The shortest time I was able to make with this 13 moves was 52secs. and I think it is possible to have it in a shorter period of time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beatus: Embracing the holiness of Blessed John Paul II

I came from Makati and rode an MRT going home. While walking in Farmers Market, I remember the news the previous night about the exhibit for Blessed John Paul II. Since I have a great feeling that this exhibit is in Gateway Mall, I didn't take the escalator going up, which I usually do if I'll pass through the mall to go to the LRT station. Fortunately, the exhibit was indeed there.

There are roughly around 20-25 panels where quotations from the homily made by the Blessed John Paul II on his masses around the world as well as his time line which indicates his most memorable experience from the day he was born up to the day he died on April 2, 2005.

Among those quotations being posted, my most favorite quotation was the one he made during the 17th World Youth Day in Toronto. To quote, "Do not let that hope die! Stake your lives on it! We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father's love for us and our real capacity to become the image of his Son." (You may click the photo to view its full-size.)

It was not just quotations, there are also pictures. Lots of pictures! And this one really caught my attention and considered as my favorite among those pictures in the exhibit.

And the most beautiful thing in this exhibit is the side where items being used by the Blessed John Paul II are displayed. And this is the most beautiful set and I think the most religious collection is the exhibit. It includes the first class relic of Blessed John Paul II ex-sanguine blood.

Here are the other photos I was able to get. There are lot more of this when you visit the exhibit in Gateway (sorry I was not able to ask the duration of the exhibit.)
And by the way, there are several kneeling benches infront of the altar or the display where all religious items of Blessed John Paul II are used.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food Trip: Big Better Burgers and ChicBoy

It was a one long Wednesday. I really wanted to eat the Turones con Leche of Chicboy but my friend who is my companion during that time is craving for a burger. So we ended up eating at Big Better Burgers. Since I haven't taste any of its food, I also wanted to try it as well.

Since we are in Araneta, we went to its branch in SM Cubao. The store is quite small which I think could occupy only around 20-30 person. Before entering, we had a chance to see its menu which is being displayed outside the store.

By the way, Big Better Burgers is not a fast food chain. So when we entered the establishment, a female crew approached us and gave a menu. But since we already know what to order, we mentioned it at once.

One BBB Value Meal for me and my friend and it is only for Php140. It includes 1 quarter pound grilled burger, fries (this are no ordinary fries, they are fresh peeled potatoes), and a glass of iced tea.

For those who are used to eating burgers in fastfood chains, why don't you try Big Better Burgers. It will also cost you the same amount, but the taste is a lot better. They have a wide variety of burgers. The burger bun they are using were grilled and it complements to the taste of the patty.

With that, I'm giving BBB Value Meal 8/10.

On the other hand, after we ate in Big Better Burgers, we still went to ChicBoy.

We went to its branch in Shopwise Cubao, just across SM Cubao. Since I was really craving for Turones con Leche, I ordered one for take-out. It costs Php30 per order which I think good for 2-3 person (or maybe 6).

They always serve this hot. Waiting time is about 5-10 mins. Its a small sized turon, a Filipino snack food which often sold in street. It is no ordinary turon since its size is smaller, just a few size larger than a shanghai roll, with a dip, which I think is a cooked condensed milk.

This snack I think will be rated 8/10 as well.

Monday, October 3, 2011

San Antonio De Padua Chamber Choir

It was last September 18 when I saw the San Antonio De Padua Chamber Choir performed in St. Anthony Shrine in Sampaloc, Manila. They were invited to sing to encourage people or the church goer to donate for the building of the Retreat Center of the St. Anthony Shrine. They performed three songs were showcasing the African culture such as the Circle of Life, known to be the theme song of the movie The Lion King (they've captured my attention very much that I forgot to record their performance).

(Sorry I forgot the 2nd song) As a finale, they dance as they sing Waka-Waka, another song featuring African talents and known to be the 2010 FIFA World Cup theme song, as the said world cup was held in Africa during that year.

To know more about the San Antonio De Padua Chamber Choir, you can visit their website at http://sadpcc.webs.com/.

For Donations to St. Anthony of Padua Shrine
254 Manrique St., Sampaloc, Manila
Tel: 734-6527
Priest-in-charge: Fr. Cielito Almazan, OFM

The Kitchen Musical: FIlipino Casts

Talking about being proud to be a Filipino? This musical TV series, The Kitchen Musical, which is shoot in Singapore got a pack of Filipinos on its casting. But aside for its cast, Gerard Salonga, a Filipino of course, plays a big role in this series being the man behind each song the show will play as its Musical Director.

The Filipino Casts

She plays the role of Maddie Avilon. The restaurant owner's daughter. She's a fresh graduate and struggles to show case her own ideas and creativity after landing as sous chef in her father's restaurant. Unfortunately, she is under the supervision of the head chef, Alex Marcus.

Christian Bautista
Playing the role of Daniel Ray, he is also a sous chef of the restaurant and a childhood friend of Maddie Avilon.

Arthur Acuña
He portrays the role of Harry Shaw, The Avilon's general manager. He knows the motives of Maddie's father of letting her work in their restaurant but he keeps it as a secret to Maddie.

Joseph "Thou" Reyes
He is known as Thou Reyes here in the Philippines and it is his name as well in this musical TV series. He plays as a line cook for The Avilon.

Ikey Canoy
Another supporting character in The Kitchen Musical and he plays the role of Winston a pastry chef.

The Complete Cast

Stephen Rahman-Hughes as Alex Marcus
Karylle as Maddie Avilon
Christian Bautista as Daniel Ray
Arthur Acuña as Harry Shaw
Rosemary Vandenbroucke as Selena Argon
Kitchen Staff
Juan Jackson as Juan
Ikey Canoy as Winston
Joseph "Thou" Reyes as Thou
Carla Dunareanu as Carla
Erwin Shah Ismail as Rico
Front Of House
Oon Shu An as Paula
Nadiah M. Din as Britney
Juwanda Hassim as Nelson
Gayle Nerva as Gayle
Rebecca Spykerman as Bec
By the way, is it just me or what? The production wasn't that creative in giving names, are they? Nevermind though. As fas as I know, I did enjoy the Behind the Scene as well the the premier episode of The Kitchen Musical which was aired in ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best.

So for those who wants to be able to watch the whole season, it will be aired on Studio23 every Saturday at 7:30-8:30PM starting October 8. While AXN will air this show in 19 countries around Asia.
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