Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer 2011 - Camarines Sur Watersports Complex

(Late post)
Camarines Sur, Philippines- If you are planning to visit the Camarines Sur, make sure to book a day to visit the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex. The facilities are cheap and you will definitely enjoy the water.


(Aquapark used to have a gigantic inflatable slide. I wonder where it is now.)

Entrance fee per hour is Php120. But I highly suggest, get their half day rate which would only cost you Php200. I'm telling you, 1 hour is not enough. You might just be starting to enjoy the lagoon within that 1hr. And if you are planning to try the wake boarding, better make yourself listed in the Proshop before anything else if you don't want to wait for a long queue of names.

Cable Pass
To experience wake boarding, you only have to pay for its cheap price. Honestly!
You will only have to pay Php125 but you need additional Php500, which by the way is refundable, if you have no gears (helmet, vest and board).

Beginners will be given a kneeboard and will receive some instructions of How To's before they will let you out in the water.

By the way, they will ask you if you know how to swim since it is important. But no worries for those who doesn't know how, you've got your vest and you only have to learn to paddle yourself and they will teach you how to do that.

If you have tried the knee boarding, you may proceed to the further part of the complex where you will be able to learn how to ride the board with your feet on board. (I'm very frustrated with this part, I can't even be able to stand for at least 5 secs.T_T)

FYI, once you use their cable rides facility, you will be entitle to a 1-hr free access to their pool. I guess this thing is not being mentioned until you've returned the gears.

And before you leave, try to visit the shops near the parking area and buy some souvenirs. This way, you will have something tangible as a souvenir from your CWC experience.

Please, please. If you really love the Philippines, help our country promote tourism. How? By buying apparel from place you've visited, try to wear them somewhere. For instance, I've been to Davao and was able to experience water rafting. Luckily, part of their package is a free shirt after a one sure wet ride. And when I visited the CWC I wore that shirt.^^

For more details about the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex, visit their website at
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