Sunday, November 17, 2013

Andrew Fastow on Ethics?

Yesterday, I attended a lecture on ethics sponsored by Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVCOB) of De La Salle University (DLSU) through its research and advocacy arm, the Center for Business Research and Development (CBRD). Andrew Fastow was the guest speaker of this talk entitled "Enron and lessons learned: Advice to future business leaders". Please refer to or The Washington Post to learn more about Enron and Adrew Fastow.

Anyway, as what Mr. Andrew Fastow mentioned, he should be the last person who should be talking about ethics after what happened to Enron. Though he was introduced by Dr. Benito Teehankee, Chair of Management and Organization Department of DLSU, through his achievements such as becoming the CFO of the Year, he still denied being invited because of those achievements. He told that he was not invited because of becoming CFO of the Year but because he was imprisoned. At first it is seems to be a joke after hearing that Mr. Fastow will be lecturing about ethics. But after attending the lecture, my doubts were no where to be found. Why? Because during his lecture, he keeps on emphasizing and reminding every one that every time you follow rules, you must do it in accordance to your principle.

I might not be able to share what happened during the entire talk, but this is the part I wanted to share the most. He shared his trophy for winning the CFO of the Year award and together with his trophy, he also shared his prison ID. He told everyone that his prison ID is placed on his bathroom to remind him every day about his past. He does not want to forget those experiences and start being that person who only follows the rule regardless of his principles.

He shared a lot of anecdote to explain things which are incomprehensible or which are vague if discussed as it is. He likes asking questions and yet left his audience hanging to that question without providing the answer. Because he wants everybody to learn how to ask "why". And during the Q&A, a student asked him whether he will not do those things he did in the past if given a chance. He answered no since lots of people were affected on the after-math of the scandal. But after that, he asked the student, what will he do if he was in his situation.

He may not really be the most reliable person to talk about ethics but one thing is for sure, you will learn more that what you expected after listening to him. Now I can say that the saying "do not judge the book by its cover" is applicable to any aspect.:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko...

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and be courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."
-Joshua 1:9

After the magnitude 7.2 earthquake happened in Bohol, historical churches in the province became ruins. But despite what happened, a group of children sung The Prayer in front of national television (see video) to encourage everyone to help not just those people who were affected by the disaster but also for the restoration of the destroyed churches.

Several emotions came rushing me while watching them. It broke my heart watching them sing the song while their faces shows more than just hope. I felt proud being a Filipino as these children became evidences of our race's resiliency. I was also even thankful that I am one of those people who are capable of helping them and not the one of those who needed help.

By the way, I am talking about the Loboc Children's Choir. I never thought that I will be able to see the faces of those children in person until last Friday when they personally invited everyone in our office to watch their benefit concert that day. I was having a goosebumps while watching them. But I started fighting my tears when they are already singing this line of Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko,

Mabuti pa nga ang Pasko noong isang taon
sa ating hapag mayroong keso de bola't hamon
baka sa gipit, Happy New Year mapo-postpone
at ang hamon ay mauuwi sa bagoong.

Now, please allow me to share with you my video as they sing their own version of Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko. (Sorry for the unnecessary noise.>.<)

On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to donate for the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan (Bagyong Yolanda). For international donors, your may extend your help through For those who are in the Philippines, you may choose from various channel summarized by

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mapapa-WOW sa Pinas. It's More Fun in the Philippines.: A Campaign

Am I insane? Two Philippine tourism slogans in one? Yes, why not coconut? The former WOW Philippines tourism campaign is a hit to the point that a videoke microphone was named after it. And though "It's More Fun in the Philippines" campaign gained controversies at first, it is now gaining popularity. This new tourism's campaign to promote the ecotourism of the Philippines also shows the creativity of Filipino minds. How? Let the photos below show you how.

To promote the Banaue Rice Terraces.

To promote the Filipino Bayanihan.

And my most favorite is this photo that celebrates Philippine Independence,

But what really made me join this campaign? It was the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol. This calamity made me depressed. What on earth have I done? I've been working for 2 years and yet I haven't been to this part of my country. I actually have all the means that I need and yet I did not choose to allocate some money to visit this place. And now, all historical churches will be ruins. Yeah, since it will take lots of time to restore them. The sad truth is that even though the greatest architects and engineers will put all their greatest efforts to restore these churches, it will never be the same.

Aside from joining this campaign, the calamity made me want to write a bucket list which includes visiting a province or two in each of the Philippines' 16 regions. Not just that, some regions even includes a specific activity and province like snorkling in Palawan, hydro jet surfing in Zambales, as well as buying an item in Honesty Shop in Batanes.

Just like what my mother told, "...mas magandang mag-ikot dito. Pupunta kang Singapore, anong titignan mo dun, building?" Yeah, she's right. But out of the country trips is still on my list but as of this writing, I only have 5 places outside Philippines that I want to visit. That's less than one half of the 16 regions of the Philippines.

For now, I will give you this cute Halloween greeting. Yeah, even Halloween is more fun in the Philippines.:)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

34th Manila International Book Fair

The 34th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF 2013) was a 5-day event held from September 11-15, 2013 (for future announcements you may visit their Facebook Page: Manila International Book Fair). Great book discounts are to be found and have a chance to have your books signed by the authors themselves.

Here are the books I bought, everything for P1,332.60 only:

Aside from discounted books and stuff, there are also mascots and anime convention. Just like last Friday where I had a chance to see Doraemon and Nobita.

But for me, the best part of this years MIBF was the launching of Harry Potter's 15th Anniversary Book Cover, of course. The book launch was may possible by Scholastic, National Book Store, and the #1 Harry Potter fans community in the Philippines, the Hogwarts Philippines (Pinoy Harry Potter). The event was filled with exhibits of several editions and versions of Harry Potter Books translated in some Asian and European languages (most books in the exhibit is owned by Blooey Singsong), lots and lots of raffles, several games, and of course, the House Cheering Competition of sorted Hogwarts Philippines members where Slytherin won the cup. And by the way, volunteers and guests shared a big book designed cake where the new cover of the Sorcerer's Stone was printed in an edible paper and was laid on top of the cake (pardon me for not having a photo of this cake).

Because of this event, aside from meeting some of my favorite potterheads, I was able to have a promotional shirt for being an ingress, and a poster and a wand pen for being part of the Slytherin House who won the contest.

And now, I'll be sharing you the winning cheer of the BEST HOUSE EVER as recognized by Scholastic.:P

(in the tune of Bring It On's cheer)
We're rich, we're pure
We only look demure
We're perfect, slick hair
The Gryffs can only stare

We're sly, we're cunning
We're absolutely stunning
You Huffs are not
We know you think we're hot

Ravenclaws... Okay
We'll get you another day
And now, we're done
We don't care if you had fun

We don't cheer, we judge
'cause Slytherins are number one!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ambeth Ocampo's Rizal Ransomed: The Saga of the Rizal Manuscript

Disclaimer: With respect to Dr. Ocampo, I will not be writing the details of the story but only its outline as well as my experience.

Yesterday, September 9, 2013, I was able to attend Ambeth Ocampo’s Lecture on Rizal Ransomed! The Saga of the Rizal Manuscripts.

The Speaker. “Ambeth R. Ocampo (b. 1961) is a multi-awarded Filipino historian, academic, journalist, and author best known for his writings about Philippines' national hero José Rizal, and for his bi-weekly editorial page column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, "Looking Back." He became the chair of the Philippines' National Historical Institute in 2002 and of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in 2005.” Source:

Before the talk. As part of BPI's Anniversary Celebration (ehem, that's where I work), they invited Dr. Ambeth Ocampo to give a lecture series sponsored by BPI Foundation. All Unibankers were invited to join the lecture series. I was fortunate to be able to attend even one of this lecture series since I spent nothing and this same talk Ayala Museum costs an ample amount. And I am such a lucky fellow for there are only few people who attended the event (of course, it is exclusive for BPI employees and not everyone can leave their workstation). Because of that, I had the chance to have my copy of Rizal without the Overcoat signed. And surprisingly, there’s a free merienda after the talk. I so love BPI Foundation.

The Talk. Maybe only few of us knew about the incident that the 3 manuscript of Rizal’s famous works, Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo, and Mi Ultimo Adios, were indeed stolen and was held “kidnapped”. He told the story happened before, during and after the incident. Before the whole story was reiterated, he mentioned his experience in British Library, and a book of Rizal which was never published. He even mentioned some hints of how Rizal thinkings which could be noticed on the annotations of the original manuscripts of his works.

The talk could be summarized as “What was the reason why there are works, most especially manuscripts, kept inside National Library’s vault?” Then you’ll realize that these manuscripts are so important historically and for research that people should value it. But how are you supposed to study these works if they are kept inside a vault with stick requirements for you to be able to lay a hand on these items.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Harry Potter's 15th Anniversary Cover Launch

15 days to before September 15 where Harry Potter's 15th Anniversary Book Cover will be launched by National Bookstore.

Is this cover launch not yet that appealing? How 'bout those games in NBS Booth related to this launch where prizes are beyond awesomeness? How 'bout raffle prizes worth taking chances? How 'bout exhibits of different versions of Harry Potter books? Not yet that appealing yet? How 'bout this... You will be able to take your Hogwarts' or Durmstrang's or Beauxbaton's uniforms and be one of the coolest kinds this event could ever have.

Here's the HP new cover price list:

See you all there!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Accio Potterheads!

Did you miss Harry Potter related event? Wait no more for here comes one.:)

Teaser Poster courtesy of Pinoy Harry Potter Sytherin Prefect Abby Sanchez

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grow Island: Max. UFO Level

Try also:
Grow Island: Max. All Level

After solving Grow Island and be able to see that all level are on its maximum, I came across several walk-through that regarding the UFO ending of Grow Island.

So here's my infographic solution.

Solutions as follows:
For picture: Top, left to right. Then, bottom, left to right.
For print, see below.
1 - Aeronautics, marine and automotive Engineering (Wheel)
2 - Civil Engineering (Pick)
3 - Architecture (Wood)
4 - Computer Science (Microchip)
5 - Electrical Engineering (Battery)
6 - Mechanical Engineering (Screw)
7 - Applied Chemistry (Burner)
8 - Environmental Engineering (Chimney)

Grow Island: Max All Levels

My brother asked me to help him solve this game in Y8 (Grow Island). At first I tried to solve it by myself, but can't have the Max all level outcome and decided to look for a walk-through (youtube).

There are lots of walk-through that will help you. But since I wanted to share the solution on my own way, here it is, an infographic walk-through.

Solutions as follows:
For picture: Top, left to right. Then bottom, left to right
For print, see below.
1 - Mechanical Engineering (Screw)
2 - Civil Engineering (Pick)
3 - Architecture (Wood)
4 - Aeronautics, marine, automotive Engineering (Wheel)
5 - Environmental Engineering (Chimney)
6 - Electrical Engineering (Battery)
7 - Computer Science (Microchip)
8 - Applied Chemistry (Burner)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Election: Vote not Bet

On 13 May 2013, it is your time to exercise your most powerful right once again.

There will be no harm if you choose to take some minutes to sit down, mark your votes, have them scanned, and have your pointing finger's nail inked. If you choose not to, it may harm you for the next 3 years or worst, for the rest of your life.

Here are some useful links and tools you may use.

Precinct Finder: This will help you know your polling center and precinct so that you will no longer need to join those people crowding over the list of precinct and look for their name. It will also show your voting/ registration status as well as the availability of your Voter's ID.

Ballot Template: It's easy as 1-2-3. After knowing your precinct, you may now view the sample ballot you will be using on the actual election. Select your Region > Province > Town. This will show all candidates for a given criteria. If you are a curious person, you may also use this to view the sample ballot of other town.

List of Candidates: I don't find it quite useful after viewing the Ballot Template. But how did I find it useful? I was able to view candidates who are possible to be part of "political dynasty" in this year's election. Isn't it nice?

For more updates, news, and other 2013 election related concern, you may visit the COMELEC's website at

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Magic of John Williams (From Fandom to Not-so-Stardom)

ABS-CBN's Philharmonic Orchestra did a repeat of The Magic of John Williams last February 23, 2013 at the Meralco Theater.

Unlike the first run of this show last September 2012, they will now play the songs of John Williams for the movie Harry Potter together with his other famous songs from Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T. Jaws, and more.

Because of their inclusion of Harry Potter theme songs composed by John Williams, I was able to cosplay a Hogwarts' student with other members of Hogwarts Philippines (Pinoy Harry Potter). And because of this event, I can now say that I'm a real Hogwarts Philippines member, not to mention that I am a Ravenclaw for this event contrary to being a Slytherin Prefect to this group of local witches and wizards.

I won't actually be writing about the event itself since you can read them around the web, see ABS-CBN News Lifestyle, instead, I'll be writing things behind the scene.

It was a fun experience. Production people even Karylle are calling us kids even though we are old enough to be Aurors in the Wizarding World. Foods were prepared for "cost players". People will ask to have a photo with the group and choose their wand, instead the usual "the wand chooses its owner" thing of Mr. Ollivander.

My favorite part in this experience is when the cosplayers were already preparing to go home after the show. Because of the Star Wars people were all dressed up very well, even the Hogwarts kids were not able to resist to have a photo with them. For more photos, you may visit my album in Facebook for this event.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

High school student's Learning out of the board and beyond

So, I saw the link posted by my former teacher in high school (though he's already representing another school) about an article from Philippine Star, Quezon students win Bangkok competition.

This contest sponsored by UNESCO Bangkok and asked the following questions, "what is learning of good quality?", "What kind of skills will be needed for the future?" and "What should young people be learning and how should they be learning it? " which could be answered in the form of an essay or a video presentation. The latter was the mode chose by the students of Lopez National Comprehensive High School that made them win the prizes at stake.

And here is the video that may take the education of our country to the next level.

For the behind the scene photos, here is the link provided by their team leader, Sir Reynald Cacho, BLBL Team's Photos.

UNESCO Bangkok

Special thanks to Sir Cacho for providing me the details and sources I need.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Chicosci Christmas Party

Ok… I have mentioned before that I am a no fan of Chicosci. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy watching them.^^

I forgot how I learned about this gig but one thing’s for sure, I knew about this gig from my friends who invited me as well to watch a gig of Parokya ni Edgar.

I was happy to see this kid whom I refer as “Little Chito”. They will be one of the front acts for Chicosci (though not one of those who major front act bands). Honestly, I really can’t understand what they say but I am having fun watching them.

I'm not really sure if their band's name is First Thing First.

After the kids, it’s time for the major band front acts (is that how they really call it?). But before this whole thing started, one of my friends who is with me keep on reminding me to take pictures of this weird fandom of her. That was the moment I realized that I have also a weird pictures to take, the drinks or anything a band uses while they are on set. The idea started after watching two gigs of Typecast. They drink in a pitcher!!!:)

Here are the photos I had for those five bands sung for Chicosci. Pardon me for other band members were not able to make it inside the frame. I’m just taking photos from my seat.:P

Enough with other bands. The real reason why I am writing another entry about Chicosci was to because I won a raffle. The lucky number was #035921. I got a blue Nike shirt. It is quite large for me since its size is large and a men’s shirt. On the brighter note, it’s a slim fit for a large man. But I can manage it.

By the way, my friend also won the raffle. Her lucky number was #035923. She got a size 9 Nike shoes (sorry, I haven’t seen the details). If you are interested to buy the shoes, contact me. Hahaha... Just kidding!

Sorry for the misspelled surname of Miggy.>.<

If you will notice, instead of putting the faces of Chicosci inside the adjacent frames, I placed the shoes they are wearing during the gig (sorry if I tagged the wrong pair of shoes to a band member). This was the assignment my friend gave me. I think this is already included in her bucket list for the rest of her Chicosci fandom days, to capture every pair of shoes the band members wore.

Another great thing happened in this gig was that Yael Yuzon of Spongecola was there!

Lastly, I want to say my thank you to the whole Chicosci band and greet you a Happy New Year.

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